When booking your house hunting trip with a Brookfield representative, request Lisa Lance as your rental agent to ensure that you rent the property that best suits your lifestyle and needs.

We always appreciate extra details into what you’re looking for for example that you have a giant dog that loves to run and needs space. You can email us with a more detailed review of what you’re looking for in a rental with some properties you’ve seen for rent that you like at lisa@relocationbylisa.com. More importantly download our handy HHT Checklist!

Lisa and Nicole will research multiple rental properties for you to view based on the information you provide to Brookfield.  Realistically, be prepared to spend the first two days of your house hunting trip viewing properties.

Leases and rental agreements can be stressful, however with help from Lisa, renting is made easy. We will help you until a landlord has accepted you and a lease has been signed.

Renting quality properties in Petawawa can be a challenge, especially with the unique posting situations military members experience.  Lisa has a well established network of landlords and property managers with a large inventory of quality rental properties.  Whether you’re looking for one of Petawawa’s newest rental locations or a quiet home tucked in the woods, Lisa has the connections.

Whether your interests are hiking, rock climbing, kayaking, fencing, archery, or horseback riding let Lisa show you around.  Lisa will be happy to give you a tour of many of the amenities and beautiful scenic views in and around Petawawa.  Check out some of our community links to the right  ►

Military members being posted to the area on a house hunting trip with BGRS.  CNL employees, corporations and small business that offer employees assistance to have the opportunity to hire a rental/relocations to ensure they have a smooth transition.  Professionals that are interested in hiring me directly to accommodate their needs can contact me directly to arrange a customized package.

Absolutely.  If I have some inventory that suits your needs and you meet the landlords requirement, I will be more than happy to help with your rental needs.

Contact us today with all the property details and we can assist you in securing suitable tenants. We are always looking for quality rentals for our professional cliental.

If you are not coming in on a relocation package we still may be able to help you.  Check out our listings and give us a call to discuss your options.

Before you arrive you have given us your “Wish” list on what you would like as  a rental.  Eg..size, location, budget, dates etc.   Be prepared to pay first and last and have references.  Feel free to watch our webpage for new listings and forward any listings your interested in.

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